Tousles Desserts

Delicious Desserts

Some people may argue that the most enjoyable part of a meal is the dessert, whether it be a simple bowl of ice-cream or something more elaborate.

The choices are endless, and there are numerous recipes, both online and in cookery books. Even the most jaded palate can be tempted by the promise of a sweet treat. Italian favourites include tiramisu and panna cotta, while the British may prefer the traditional apple crumble and custard. Chocolate is always popular, and many recipes call for this delicious ingredient. Fresh fruit is always an option for those wanting to end their meal with something lighter.

Easy Desserts for Beginners

10 Apr 2021

If you are not an experienced baker, not to worry, there are plenty of easy dessert recipes for you to start with. You can also manage with a minimum amount of essential ingredients. Bake brownies and crème brulé or whip up some home-made ice-cream with just three ingredients.

Chocolate Dream Desserts

8 Mar 2021

Most people enjoy rich and flavorful chocolate desserts. Sometimes a bite of high-quality chocolate appeases the craving, but why not try one of the classic dessert recipes. Chocolate brownies, cookies and cupcakes are delicious and indeed easy to make. Or whip up a delicious chocolate mousse or assemble a lavish cake.

Dairy and Gluten Free Desserts

5 Feb 2021

Making desserts for those with special dietary needs does not have to be complicated. Nowadays, you will find good dairy and gluten-free ingredients at any store. Try making delicious cookies, cakes and macaroons. But be sure to make enough, as they are so delicious that everybody will want some.